Our Services

New Generation Mindset not only leverages its experience in developing world class strategies for SMMEs from start-up through resuscitation and into long-term sustainability, we have grown our own IT businesses and consulted to blue chip IT companies in this sector. When we thus speak of incubating SMMEs in the IT sector, NGM is well grounded in a culture of high class achievement based on world class expertise and a demonstrable record of success.

Economic Development

By placing your program within the NGM chain, and thus single management, you are assured your goals are translated in uniformity in its application and in alignment to local and national economic development goals with evaluated and measured returns in the communities it seeks to serve.

Our single reporting structure puts systems and processes in place to control qualitative, professional, impactful and measured results.

NGM will complement your initiative with the integration of other public and private sector resources, knowledge and expertise along with the support of organised labour unions to create meaningful and sustainable socio-economic empowerment in an efficient and effective use of collaborative resources.

Enterprise And Supplier Development

We recognise SMMEs as a crucial component of economic growth, job creation and the sustainability of successful global economies.NGM focuses on createan of sustainable employment and economies instilled with best of breed governance practices and structures in shared facilities presenting efficient and professional oversight and capacity to stakeholders within the program.

NGM establishes and enhances existing LED structures to play a central role in the success and support of SMME’s with common purpose and mutual benefit.

For most entrepreneurs an SMME enterprise constitutes a critical stepping stone from the informal sector into the economic mainstream. New Generation Mindset understands this course, garnered through our thorough knowledge of the SMME space by way of emersion and ground level analysis of the sector. We position our unique advantage as the leading Strategy and Economic Development Consultancy in South Africa, driven by a determination to direct the economic wellbeing of South Africa, through providing world class strategic business support and linkage thus developing “New Generation” organisations by:

 • Strategic Leadership and Management
 • Strategic Planning and Operational synthesis
 • Mentoring for Success and Sustainability
 • Developing Human Capital (Mental Stamina)
 • Strategic Financial Competence
 • Marketing Management

SMME Development

The development of entrepreneurs is one of the most effective ways of stimulating economic growth, transformation and the creation of jobs in our communities. NGM recognizes that a growing small, medium and micro-sized enterprise (SMME) sector is vital for broadening economic participation and delivering on our country’s economic development objectives.

SMME's Development function was established to ensure focused and integrated delivery of NGM programmes aimed at contributing to the development of the SMME sector.

Our approach is to nurture, grow and sustain SMMEs by providing technical and business development support, through mentoring and coaching. In addition we provide assistance to access to funding, incubation, market linkage and skills development, our services are:

 • SMME’s audit assessment
 • Coaching and mentorship
 • Business skills development
 • Incubation
 • Market linkage (tender, ESD etc…)
 • Access to finance
 • Training & Development
 • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
 • Marketing & Design Services


The cornerstone of our mentoring philosophy is that entrepreneurs must already be active in their start-up business.
 • Business Planning
 • Types of businesses
 • Funding options
 • BEE Codes

Business Incubation

NGM's Hybrid Incubator is an ultramodern incubator facility that forms innovative and strategic partnerships between the public and the private sector in rendering Entrepreneurial Incubation, Development and Training programs to SMMEs. Innovation and intellectual capital are the currency of today's global economy. Innovation fuels productivity, attracts investment, and stimulates economic growth.

The goal of the NGM Business Incubation Program and its stakeholders is to facilitate smarter, accelerated growth of emerging SMMEs to financially sustainable, high growth companies. Our clients are provided with a variety of business development services and resources to help accelerate growth.

The formal incubation process takes place through a series of strategic and tactical working sessions. These sessions are designed to help define the company’s business, market and capital strategies and to build a detailed and clear business plan. We provide expertise and resources for the company to utilize in addressing needs identified through strategy sessions and other formal and informal interactions with Incubator staff and advisors.

Regular education and networking programs are also designed to address common and specific needs identified in our clients. Graduation takes place when a client has achieved a level of financial and business development and independence, enabling them to leave the incubator and enter the second stage of corporate growth.

Skills Development

New Generation Mindset is committed to growing both people and businesses. We recognize that skills development on all levels within an organization is critical if any business is to achieve its goals. In addition, businesses today face constant changes as well as legislative challenges. We therefore take a comprehensive Skills Development approach for both external and internal implementation. Not only do we understand these challenges, we have vast experience in addressing them as well.

Our PEOPLE division looks after the needs of employees in any organization, and ensures that Skills Development forms part of the priority growth area of the organization. Our competitive edge is drawn from our dedication and approach in helping our customers build a more creative and productive workplace through innovative products and services in the areas of training & development, employee engagement, communication and culture change.

We help large corporates in equipping employees with skills that help them keep pace with the demands of competitive markets. We develop content that is accessible and compatible to multiple browsers and devices like desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We build and plug into SCORM compliant LMS infrastructure to help organizations meet their training needs. We convert and redesign traditional learning material into content that's engaging and easy to absorb. We offer learning throughout organizations and contribute towards building a unified organizational culture. We improve employee performance through learning.

Learning Development

 • Gap Analysis
 • Performance Management
 • Induction and On-boarding
 • Curriculum Development
 • Mandatory Training
 • Customized learning content
 • Assessment Development
 • Compliance Training
 • Product Training
 • Soft Skills Training

BBBEE Consulting

New Generation Mindset, has an in house consulting and advisory service, providing social responsibility, transformation and economic empowerment solutions to corporate clients and multinationals. We engage, transform and inspire our clients to develop and communicate a strategic, value-based view of social and economic enfranchisement. Our focus is coupled with solutions that meet the challenges of carrying out successful and value-adding corporate strategy, empowerment, transformation, and sustainability programmes. Our solutions include:

 • Program development and implementation
 • Enterprise development and supplier development

Leadership Development Programme

 • 5 Levels of Leadership
 • 17 Laws of Teamwork
 • 17 Laws, One Day & Two Day
 • 17 Qualities of a Team Player
 • 21 Laws of Leadership
 • 21 Qualities of a Leader
 • 360 Corporate Training
 • 360 Degree Leader
 • Becoming a Person of Influence
 • Developing the Leader Within You One Day & Two Day
 • Developing The Leaders Around You
 • Power of One
 • Reality Leadership
 • Winning With People
 • 15 Laws of Personal Growth

Image Management & Self Mastery

 • Self-Mastery Workshops
 • Leadership Workshops
 • Self-Development Programmes
 • Personal / Business Coaching
 • Presentation & Public Speaking
 • Coaching and Mentorship

Access to Finance


Soft-landing and Smart-take off

SMMEs, more than bigger and more resourced business entities, still face hurdles and,in some cases,lack sufficient support to enter the international markets. NGM has identified and developed a comprehensive range of instruments, tools and channels to accelerate growth and the time it takes to ‘settle in’ or ‘take off’ by strengthening the capacities of companies and their competitive advantage.