Soft-landing and Smart-take off

Smart Take-Off

With Smart-take off we provide access to business intelligence, networks and training material that helps your company to establish and sustain an overseas business presence, enhance international business development and to understand our government’s international trade policies and agreements, thus increasing your business’ opportunities for success.


Besides ensuring that foreign are acclimatized to the country’s business environment, culture and norms, our Soft-landing services are broadly categorized into three considerations, Logistics, Acceleration of the settling-in process and customized business support that is rendered as per clients’ needs. Here are some of the services and solutions we provide, whether in-house or sourced out:

 • Fully equipped office space (Receptionist, landline, access to internet, etc.)
 • Translation services
 • Language training
 • Domestic market research and entry assistance
 • Access to capital and potential funders
 • Intellectual property protection
 • Assistance in understanding and meeting government regulations and legislation
 • Assistance with import/export law
 • Assistance with obtaining business license and mandatory documents
 • Driver’s license
 • Immigration and visa assistance
 • Housing assistance (ie, offering suggestions for places to stay)