Economic Development

Local Economic Development (LED) is an outcome, based on local initiative and driven by local stakeholders. It involves identifying and using local resources, ideas and skills to stimulate economic growth and development. The aim of our LED initiatives is to create employment opportunities for local residents, alleviate poverty, and redistribute resources and opportunities to benefit all local residents.

In support of the South Africa government and the economic development policies that aim to promote the upliftment of the standard of living and economic health of our country, NGM aims to develop sustainable SMMEs and through this economic growth. Our strategy for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty is by building private enterprises that are competitive in the markets in which they operate and responsive to the local economic development needs of the areas in which they operate.

NGM's strategic investment is directed in the following areas of intervention namely:
 • Growth, turnaround strategies and product development;
 • Economic development (ED); local economic development (LED) and sector stimulation; as well as;
 • Leveraging on enterprise development/ transformation/ BBBEE opportunities

By achieving the above, a strategic intent is created that reflects the needs of the province/ sector in which we operate