Access To Finance


Qualified mentors are deployed to provide real time monitoring in order to ensure day to day accountability and risk management. This is sub-divided into pre investment and post investment support. This complements our process with existing finance partner, angel equity, banks, corporate partners, government grants/development etc. This model is particularly valuable to corporates granting loans to SMMES in the form of recoverable and non-recoverable goods as per BBBEE codes of good practice.

To this end NGM has gone above and beyond the call of duty, providing finance to various SMMEs, most of which had slim chances of accessing finance through conventional means. NGM leverages its experience and position as a DTI accredited business entity, together with various networks and relations with finance institutions and relevant government agencies to make sure that we continue to source out finance and provide financial instruments to SMMEs. Funds come as either one or a combination of the funding models outlined below:
 • Grants
 • Interim finance
 • Equity finance
 • Long term loan

This is the value we would be bringing to our corporate clients and their ESD beneficiaries, helping to provide funding instruments, in line with the new BBBEE codes of Good Practice