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Life changing opportunities for ICT Youth Entrepreneurs

Do you own a business?
Are you a competitive player in the Telecommunications industry?
Do you wish to participate in the South African digital economy?

Here's a chance for your registered business to make a positive impact in your township and in the corporate world.

We are embarking on a transformation journey and are looking for eligible service providers with high quality and cost-effective services. Through our partnership with the Sarah Baartman District Municipality and New Generation Mindset (NGM), this Local Economic Development initiative will enrich the economy of townships and in turn increase Skills development, Job creation, Localization, Industrialization and Export opportunities.

MTN is recruiting local YOUTH-owned companies with the aim to empower and expose them to significant growth and development opportunities. Potential YOUTH-owned companies in ICT are invited to apply to become suppliers and service providers to MTN South Africa.

We have 'Grassroots' support programs in place to enable and develop eligible service providers and suppliers towards sustainable participation in South Africa's digital economy, that include:

Who is the potential MTN Supplier being recruited?

MTN's broader initiative targets companies in the following focus groups:
Black-owned companies, Black Youth-owned companies, Black Women-owned companies and Black Disabled-owned companies.

How to apply

Successful applicants will be notified via e-mail.

For further information contact:

This is MTN's initiative towards building sustainable local Industries and empowering the Youth.